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About LiAnn

I established Aloha Lomilomi in 1993. As a graduate of the Honolulu School of Massage, my journey of Lomilomi comes first from my heart and soul. I found it to be the most complete healing modality and bodywork. I believe in releasing the core issues that affect the spirit and emotions.  We are not alway conscious of what our body is holding on to, sometime one needs the spiritual messages to release past trauma for cellular healing. My goal is to assist you to sustain and maintain a healthier and happier life. 

Nohoponopono is living in excellence.  Nohoponopono assists in releasing and clearing past emotional trauma.  This allows the mind and spirit to ʻapono (accept) his/her kuleana (responsibility) towards a more pono (excellent) way of living.  For more information go to my other website Pono 'Ohana International or email me


I have been blessed with the teaching and experience of many. My gift is to assist and to teach all interested in evolving in their talents and within their own spiritual being. As Kumu Lomilomi, I teach Aloha Lokahi Lomilomi™, Lomilomi For The Spirit and FaceLift Lomi™.

With deep Aloha and appreciation, 

LiAnn Michie Alolani Lilinoe Uyeda

Owner, Aloha Lomilomi

Licensed Massage Therapist, MAT 3429

Kumu (teacher) of Pale Wahi O Lomilomi & Nohoponopono (Living in excellence)

Kuauhā (counselor)

Author of Cooking In Pono

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