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Keiki Lomi description
Kupuna Lomi description
Facelift Lomi

Aloha Lokahi Lomilomi™

Lomilomi in unity and love


"If the spirit is pono (excellent) the body will follow"...

Setting the intention that is best for you today, healing of the spirit empowers the body towards a more pono life.  Nohoponopono (living in excellence) is assisted in each session.  Oli (chant), pule (prayer), pa'akai (sea salt) and hot towels are some tools to assist.  


"I create and hold a comfortable space to receive messages toward your healing."


Lomilomi for the Spirit™

Spirit is the living force within all of us


Hoʻoponopono (to make excellent) to Nohoponopono (self-excellence), release past emotional trauma attached to the body, mind, heart and spirit. One may release trauma from this life, past lives and/or ancestral DNA.  


Hapai Lomilomi

Pregnancy Massage

For expectant mothers, you are supported to your comfort with pillows while lying on your side during this Lomilomi. For the mother-to-be, Lomilomi releases muscle aches and tension, reduces swelling and is very beneficial for baby in utero. Each session is specific for your needs.

Keiki Lomilomi

Massage for Children

Lomilomi for children assists with growing pains – muscle ailments and emotional changes – through a gentle, nurturing and loving touch. This 30-minute massage is for children 12 years and younger.

Kupuna Lomilomi

Massage for Adults 65 Years and More

Flushing toxins from the body becomes even more important as age advances. Kupuna Lomilomi is heart-given with extra gentleness without losing the full effectiveness of the massage. Give a gift of Lomilomi to your honored kupuna.

Facelift Lomilomi™

This luxurious, non-invasive massage softens lines and gives your face a healthy glow for days! Repeated facial massage helps to train the muscles to be firmer and tighter. Includes a massage to hands, feet, shoulders, back, neck and scalp. Facial products to cleanse, exfoliate and assist in firming muscles are followed with warm towels. This is more than a facial.

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