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"I've been fortunate to have had many Lomi sessions with LiAnn over the past 20 years, and even so my most recent Lomi with her was, incredibly, the best one I have ever had, with anyone. Rest, re-Alignment, connection and renewal at all levels physical through spiritual, just where it was optimal for me at the time, and all done with aloha, Ke Akua / Presence, compassion, wisdom, humility, and humor. Truly what I needed for body, mind and soul! Mahalo nui, LiAnn."

Kathy Y., Lomi client

"Amazing is an understatement. I have taken multiple classes with Kumu LiAnn and every time I feel reborn. Reborn in a way, I can come back to my roots of being a native Hawaiian wahine. She always brings out your inner healer and awaken your natural abilities. She teaches like no other and you can feel she loves what she is born to do. Mahalo Kumu LiAnn, much blessings and Aloha!!!"

Nalani Ranis, Workshop/class student

"I have gotten Lomi done by LiAnn a few times and attended a workshop prior to signing up for her Lomi class…It has been my experience through her help and healing with Lomi that had interested me so much to want to learn her style of Lomi and be able to pass on and integrate it into my own healing work, being a healer...and massage therapist (myself). LiAnn’s class has taught me new techniques that are effective to my clients. Not only for my clients but for myself as well. Blending the techniques of Lomi using Pule (prayer), intuition, resetting different areas of the body through Lomi massage (and) allowing it to become realigned with the person who is receiving the Lomi.


"Something I took away from LiAnn’s class and teachings is as we learn to heal ourselves it is then that we are able to help heal others. Giving back to us as healers is not selfish but selfless. I’ve learned a lot through LiAnn about inner child healing. And realizing even as an adult a lot of our emotional trauma stems from what we have gone through as children and even previous life experiences. All which affects us physically causing physical pain and limitations. So as we heal the internal parts of ourselves we can begin to heal all other areas of ourselves too.


"I've received a lot of knowledge and understanding through LiAnn as well as her teaching and I would love to continue to learn from her. Mahalo nui Kumu for your gentle touch, your loving and compassionate heart and opening yourself to other healers like myself to learn from you! Mahalo for being a safe place not only to myself but as well as (to) the others who I got to experience...learning from you with."


Kyra Ragasa, Workshop/class student

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